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  2. magictransistor:

    Gladys Barker Grauer. I Wish The Rent Was Heaven Sent. 1978.


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  3. Andrea Mantegna, Detail of the Coral Ornament, Madonna Della Vittoria, 1496



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  4. theparisreview:

    From Disobedient Objects, a book about design’s effect on social change, a look at the storied history of defacing currency.

    For more of this morning’s roundup, click here.


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  5. dearscience:

    Arp Museum Rolandseck by Carsten aus Bonn

    (via nadjasveir)


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  6. confusedcatsagainstfeminism:

    Cat’s REAL agenda.

    Confused Cats Against Feminism is a project of We Hunted the Mammoth:The New Misogyny, tracked and mocked. You should totally go there, like right now.


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  7. supruntu:

    Johan van der Keuken


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  8. kiameku:

    Martina Sauter
    Two panel C-Print
    33 x 17.75 in

    (via artspotting)


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  10. (Source: ctbonvivant, via jntquigley)


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